Sand Cherry Associates

Sand Cherry Associates built its successful reputation by constantly adapting to changing market conditions and technologies as it provides strategic consultation for companies in broadband and telecommunications industries. Sand Cherry Associates divides its senior team of experts across four basic pillars of service: marketing and new product development, business and competitive strategy, sales channel strategy and optimization, and customer and business operations. Regardless of the size of the client company, the target market and demographic, or nature of the product offered, Sand Cherry Associates is able to apply its system of market analysis and contingency planning to whatever a client can think to offer. By considering every part of the process from potential competitor response to usefulness of a product in customer acquisition, retention, and upgrade potential, Sand Cherry Associates can offer a fully comprehensive strategy from product conception to rollout and beyond. Sand Cherry Associates also provides non-specific strategic insight relating to industry-wide concerns such as customer retention and multicultural marketing and sales. These insights demonstrate how major companies in broadband and media industries are reacting to new issues and concerns that occur with changes in the market and its products. With both expert consulting and a flexible vision, Sand Cherry Associates has become a respected name in strategy and marketing and an ideal partner for companies like Rogers, Comcast, Cablevision, and Time Warner Cable. More information about Sand Cherry Associates and its services is available online at