Sandeep Selliah

business developer, marketing, and athlete in London, United Kingdom

Sandeep Selliah

business developer, marketing, and athlete in London, United Kingdom

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Introducing some of the most exclusive events to hit London night clubs located in Chelsea & surrounding regions.

I can supply all of your guest lists with VIP tables and entry to some of the most exclusive, fashionable, parties and events in London! No more queues to stand! VIP treatment all the way!!!

I am one of the most aggressive party planner in London – for your perfect night out, All you have to do is contact me with your request and I will get back to you within 24hrs with a range of options to choose from....

Once I understand your needs and wants, my team of experienced party planners and event managers will go to work on your behalf to plan the best night out possible...

Range of exclusive clubs that I work with are Upper West Club, Chelsea, Raffles Club, Chelsea, Tonteria, Chelsea, Boujis, London mainly. If you desire any other club or event you need just ask!!!

I can also offer free Guest list services for Ladies before 11 or midnight and special deals for Gentleman...

Each and every week I will provide you with a range of luxurious and glamorous nights out whether you are looking for a cocktail bar, late night club , restaurant or somewhere to dance and socialize.

Other exclusive services offered on special request:

- Entertainment: Reservations, Tables, Clubs, Tickets

- Travel: Villas

- Lifestyle:

- Personal: Trainers, Security, Shoppers, Stylists

- Hair & Beauty: Personal Hair dressers, Beauticians, Physiotherapy

- Models: Hostesses and beautiful people for all occasions


As someone with high self-confidence, I feel quite comfortable interacting with other people.
I find the company of others very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people.
my relaxed demeanor in groups makes people around me comfortable too, Perhaps because I feel comfortable talking about myself, others tend to enjoy being around me and perceive me as socially competent.

The confidence that helps me feel comfortable talking to people also spills into my own personal beliefs about myself. Although I have several strengths, it’s likely that I also acknowledge and accept my weaknesses. But unlike some people, I take full responsibility for my actions!

Perhaps the defining feature that sets me apart from most people is the exceptio

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    • Freelancer
  • Education
    • B-Tech in Computer Science
    • Business Marketing