Sandeep Dighe

Brand Consultant in Bandra West, India

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My favourite symbol is the question mark. Its the symbol of curiosity. And curiosity is sinful. It creates a lust for ideas, gluttony for knowledge, sloth for a trance of new thinking, greed for creativity, wrath for mediocrity, envy of perfection and the pride of winning.

Future is optimistic, it's going to be bright and fascinating, The transformation is happening every instant, everywhere. And brands are playing one of the most influential role in this process. Brands are very powerful, they influence the collective conciousness of the society by touching the lives of people to make it better everyday. Brands operate in the business of ideas, which opens up a great opportunity for every brand enthusiast to make use of this advantage.

My personal purpose lies in bringing about a positive change in the lives of billions. I am always looking for inspiration to apply to brands, making them either better than or different from the competition. It is this insatiable drive that propels me to craft and narrate successful brand stories.

I help brand leaders of tomorrow by tackling big brand issues of our time and reinvent or create brands that are distinctive, genuine, desired and socially engaged. But to make this happen, a little bit of magic is needed. I am always on a hunt of new inspiring ideas that sends tingles down the spine. This propels me to narrate unique brand stories and craft impactful strategies that make brands either better than or different from the convention.

  • Education
    • University of Cambridge
    • University of East Anglia