Sandeep Gautam

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

I am very calm and firm by nature and be devoted to my work with patience and determination. I am physically strong and mentally tolerant and forbearing. I generally not get enraged but in the case I does so, my anger will be as violent and dangerous as an earthquake. I'm materialistically inclined to accumulate luxurious things and acquire the comforts of life. authoritative. I give the biggest of sacrifices for my dear ones but may never forgive those whom he hates. fond of beauty, music, art and good clothes. I prefer a happy and luxurious life-style and always make efforts to acquire it. stubborn by nature and have the ability to successfully execute my plans .hmmm lil practical in money matters, desirous of earning wealth, focus on our goals and not on the medium. make friends after giving considerable thought and always be devoted to them. I'm very somber, thoughtful, peace loving and large hearted. I usually face disappointments and suffer from anxiety because of laziness, selfishness, sensuality, materialism and other bad habits.

I believe that every human being has the right and unique GOD given abilities to LOVE their life and accomplish whatever they want and believe will give it the utmost purpose and meaning.

My Mission: To Help Billions of People Develop The Confidence, Certainty and Personal Power To Go After and Achieve Their Life's Goals and Dreams.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Technology Computer Science