Sandeep Hegde


Always striving to be different, every stage of my life has been a completely new experience. In this world where many people tend to select easy way out, I wanted to be unique, I wanted to make my mark in society and not be just a spectator. My hunger for knowledge and learning new skills is never ends. I'm easily soluble with most of the people and build good relationships that lasts forever.

I am passionate about what I do. I love to face every challenge with equal zeal and enthusiasm. This has given me a positive view on life where I know that if i try hard enough anything is possible.

I am ambitious and that was how I started my company "dotCORD" in my second year of College. Even as a student I knew what I wanted to do and accomplishing my milestones gave me the greatest satisfaction. My experiences in life has taught me to be enterprising. Every client I came across was different and I had to cater to each persons' specific needs. This helped to adapt easily to any situation, a virtue that is very necessary in this changing, modern IT environment.

Apart from business I love to address students on entrepreneur & technological topics. I'm also a part of special interest group named IT-Belgaum and have been working towards the awareness of IT in Belgaum & North Karnataka Region.