sandeep kumar Jakkaraju

Hyderabad, AP, India

B Tech IIT Bombay Graduate with 8+ yrs of strong technology experience in developing products in different domains.
3 yrs of experience in payments industry with eWallet and mWallet platforms.
Strong experience in developing Java Enterprise applications using Spring, Hibernate, EJB.
Strong experience in Mobile VAS, SMS, LBS, GIS, Mapping based systems and applications.
Vast experience in GIS Based Network Analysis like Road Network based Routing and location allocation applications.

************* Strong Hands on Experience on all of the Technology Stack used.
************* Strong trouble-shooting and debugging skills.
************* Mentoring juniors and helping co-developers to come up to the speed.

Programming Languages Java , C++, C
Server Side Programming J2EE, Java EE 5 (Servlet, JSP, JSTL, EJB), JAX-WS, JAX-RS
Mobile Application Programming J2ME (MIDP-2.0 , CLDC-1.1)
Client Side Scripting JavaScript, jQuery
Markup Languages HTML, XML, WML, KML
Unit Testing Frameworks JUnit, Shale Test Framework
Build Tools Apache Ant, Maven, Gradle
Other Frameworks Spring, Apache CXF, HDIV
IDE Forte, Netbeans, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, STS
Web Containers Apache Tomcat, Resin 2.x
Web Servers Apache
Application Servers JBOSS 4.x,5.x, GlassFish
RDBMS PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MySQL, Oracle 9i, OracleXE
ODBMS Versant 6, Ozone, ObjectDB
Version Control Softwares VSS, CVS, SVN, Mercurial,GIT
XML Parsing API TinyXML (c++), xerces (c++), NanoXML-Lite (Java), JDOM
Operating Systems RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu
Commercial GIS ArcView 3.0, ArcGIS 8.0, MapInfo Professional 7.0, TransCAD
Open Source GIS UMN-Map server, OpenMap, Quantum GIS, KML
Artificial Intelligence SNNS (Artificial Neural Networks Simulator)
Logging Packages/Libraries Apache Commons Logging, Log4j, SLFJ, Logback
Profiling Tools JProfiler
GIS/Mapping API Java Mapscript, MapXtreme Java, R Tree (Java)
OR Mapping Frameworks Hibernate, JPA
RIA Technologies ExtJS, Sencha
Build Server TeamCity
Enterprise Integration Apache Camel

  • Work
    • Wavecrest Payment Technlology Private Limited, Hyd
  • Education
    • B. Tech, IIT Bombay