Sandeep Manudhane

Connect-the-dots to see the big picture & don't lose sight of details
Success lies within you. Others can only facilitate the discovery process.
Kar ke dikhayenge- the spirit of never say die; let it bloom

Get in touch for academic queriesespecially related to UPSC exam prep, IIM CAT / MBA entrance prep, GD Interviews, CLAT-IPM prep

My power thoughts for you :The size of our ambitions must match the size of our efforts
The man who follows his heart does not expect the world to follow his point
The man with pluck creates his own luck

Subjects I teach :All Aptitude subjects(CAT, XAT, CSAT, IIM-IPM) - Language, Maths, LR, DI - DS
Higher level subjects for UPSC prep(not optionals) - Polity, International Relations, Geography, World History, Modern India, Science & Technology, Economy, Government Finances, Society and Diversity, etc. I teach all these in English and Hindi in parallel (including notes dictation)
Law subjects (CLAT)- Basics of law, Legal reasoning

GD Interview preparations- All levels