Sandeep Medikonda

Hyderabad, India

I am an expert technical author in the IT industry. I have obtained various skills through employment in the software development environment at CA Technologies, IBM (Intern), Zeta Interactive, and OpenOffice.

I write for CA's Security products. But that is just one part of my work. I love researching what is new and how that affects the future of technical information. I have developed a quality measuring methodology based on IBM's DQTI. I love invention and innovation, analyzing audiences, and lately enterprise mobile technologies.

My education compliments my work skills as I completed Masters in Technical Communication from University of Portsmouth, together with a BA in English Literature from Chennai.

Away from work, I love cars and music. I'm the frontman for a gospel rock band named Vertical Connection.

I believe everyone has a higher calling and work, music, and personal life are all linked together for me. I try to learn in every sphere of my life. I try too to give my best with whatever I learn because I believe there is a God who has given me the talents I have, and He is going to ask an account of it One Day.

  • Work
    • CA Technologies
  • Education
    • BA English Literature, MA Technical Communication