Sandeep Mulagapati

Most of my time is spent on drawing boxes - well, you could say drawing boxes is what I do, trying to get my mind out of a different sort of, more metaphorical, box. However, the mere act of drawing boxes seems to empower me to come up with solutions that far exceed the visible scope of the simple medium. This act - or dare I say it, art, has led me to several epiphanic moments - the moments when you pump your fist into the air, joy on your face, with a pride in your abilities. This has also helped me communicate ideas effectively and has led me to understand behavior, build stories, and craft experiences that delight end users.

I love traveling to places near and far and have always enjoyed trying to understand the shared values and aspirations that a collective unit, such as a cultural grouping, has. I read a lot of books, primarily non-fiction and older fiction. Some of my favorite authors are Naguib Mahfouz, William Dalrymple, Richard Dawkins among many others. I also like watching movies, - whether it is the impressionistic films of Fellini, the Japanese classics of Kurosawa or 40s film-noir . I love listening to and playing music - my favorite guitar riffs are the intro to Stairway to Heaven, Crazy train and Wish you were. Cricket and Long Distance Running (especially during the Monsoon) are the sports of my choice.

  • Education
    • IIT Guwahati