Suryansh Sandeep Khatri

Consultant in New Delhi, India

About Me: 'Bharat' is my country and I am a 'Desi' at heart....I am a professional vedic astrologer ( Jyotish Acharya ) studied and passed from Indian Institute Of astrology , Bhartiya Vidya Bahwan, New Delhi... I am currently doing research work and busy writing thesis of my own on mundane matters in vedic astrology. However, I am a good conversationlist and I certainly know the art of "Telling".

I have read some of our vedic "classics". The God's in their wisdom granted me the gift of seeing myself as other's see me, hence, I love taking pains away from people's lives. My hobbies includes reading, talking, walking, swimming, riding, cooking.I like listening to techno bhajans (hindi music) and write my own poetry sometimes on my

I am a good hearted "Real Astrologer" but do like wearing fragrances especially smell of Lavender & pure sandalwood. I like gardening *I like to travel,* My favourite colors are Yellow,white, saffron , pink, light green, navy blue. I like Fruit Juices and avoid aerated drinks.

I always have the gift of loving or being loved. I love vedic diets which restricts one's usage of certain food intakes.*I love a healthy routine . I love to be in a great company thats why I keep reading books .*

I feel pity on back-biters, I feel pity for fake people, I feel pity when people try to prove somebody wrong without knowing what they are saying or doing . I pity on arrogance, haughtiness, fakeness.

Like most of us , I too have come a long way in life dealing with struggles and enjoying pleasant moments at their best and I am quite happy with the progress so far. I have a very positive outlook towards life and believe that every problem has a solution one just needs the right attitude to find it. Indeed I am a very good listener.

The last thing on my perspecacious mind was the perennial state of reinvention! While Its good to have a coherent argument in mind before somebody say anything. However , the purpose would be to show the material put together to give one point of view can also be put together in a completely different way in a diurnal normative society.

*Warning : Though I am peaceful at heart but like any other human I too have my hatred for fakers, name droppers, liers, and arrogant men and women. Hence I would like to warn all such people to stay away*

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