Sandeep Todi

Director and Co-founder in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Super-excited about building "Remitr" - cross border payments platform. Remitr helps businesses pay their associates, vendors, contractors and employees with speed and measurable cost savings. It's a complete platform for cross border payments, available as an API.

Remitr serves customers in Canada and in the UAE, with a crack engineering talent at the financial city Mumbai.

Our second product "Remitr Money Transfer App" helps our customers send personal remittance to friends and family. Remitr apphelps them get best rates 24x7 and transfer online and has won awards at Forbes and TieCon Silicon Valley.

I love volunteering and spend some time helping the startup ecosystem as a volunteer for iSPIRT. I've built and sold software in HR/Payroll domain, Accounting software, Enterprise IT, web design, created social networks ( and other exciting stuff. You can see more on my Linkedin profile (link below).

My favourite sport is badminton (don't get to play much now), long walks (would love to run someday), the occasional pub night, social work (Rotary), learning new stuff and reading.

I owe everything and more to my spouse and a lot to my parents for shaping who I am today. I'm enjoying seeing my kids growing up and hoping to be at least as good a parent to them as my parents were to me.

  • Work
    • Remitware Payments Inc.
  • Education
    • St. Xavier's College, Kolkata