Sandee Robbins

Hello from Sandee Robbins, I am so happy to meet you here. Born in Indiana.... a REAL Hoosier!

Now a ... Buckeye.

Ohio held my three grandchildren captive so I needed to move to Ohio to SAVE them! You know .. from Mom and Dad. haha

In 1998 I retired from my Federal work. Since then I have been working online to expand my capacity to market online! Lots of 'trial and error' on my part. Expensive too!

Would love to hear from you. Chat, small talk, big talk, whatever we both can enjoy together.

Send me an email from my box just below. Give me a heads up, and your topic of conversation.

Below are some business opportunity links you may wish to research. I have found them to be VERY interesting and diverse. Covering a wide range of business needs for new or seasoned business owners.

Wishing you a very prosperous day!

Sandee Robbins

SKYPE: Sandee.Robbins