Sander Wolfensberger

SUBtracers I MediArena 9, Amsterdam

Sander is founding partner of SUBtracers, a Dutch based, but internationally oriented financial consultancy firm. SUBtracers provides professional support to companies in the process of identifying and acquiring Fiscal, National and/or European grants and incentices. Focus areas: optimizing results (NPV), efficient compliance and risk reduction.

Sander has over 10 years of experience in the consulting business and seen many companies from within working as a consultant for E&Y, Kurt Salmon and since 2009 SUBtracers.

Most of his activities are related to innovative projects, acquiring funding for investments in R&D, from the research stage to market introduction, alignment with (grant) regulations. Sander has successfully set up several other SME’s in the past. Team motivation, stimulation and inspiration are important to him. He wants to deliver great results on time. Making the SUBtracers (team) the best Grants and Incentive team in the Netherlands is his goal.

Specialties: R&D, ICT, sales and marketing, optimizing and restructuring existing grants, risk reduction, compliance, project management, win-win, strategic planning.

Sander lives in the city centre of Amsterdam, enjoys opera and classical music. He has a girlfriend, Agnes and two kids: Lisa (5) and Sergi (3). He runs marathons and speed skates in winter. He is a fanatic snowboarder en even more fanatic kitesurfer and develops, builds and tests high tech boards for his own kitesurf label.

  • Work
    • SUBtracers I Founding Partner
  • Education
    • Vrije Universiteit, Economics MSc.