Sander Berkouwer

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Blogger in Schiedam, Nederland

Sander Berkouwer

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Blogger in Schiedam, Nederland

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Sander Berkouwer was born and raised in a little village in the Netherlands called 'Vlaardingen'. This is a small city to the West of Rotterdam, named after a small river that ran through it in the twelfth century.

Sander moved to Schiedam when he started studying at the Delft University of Technology.

Sander got introduced at Operator Groep Delft (short: OGD) by a friend in early 2000. Back in those days, OGD was a little company that provided IT services; specialized in helpdesk, systems administration and projects. In the years Sander worked for OGD, he has seen it grow to the company that it is now: A serious player in the Dutch IT service market.

In the same year Sander started working for OGD, he met his wife Samira. Three years later they got married. In 2009 his wife gave birth to their daughter, Sophie.

In 2007, Sander enlisted for a Bachelor Information and Communications Technology (B ICT) studies at NOVI. With his MCSE as recognized prior experience, Sander was able to achieve his degree in 18 months. His thesis was on the cloud computing strategy for OGD.

In 2007, Sander entered the Microsoft Netherlands TechNet speaker talent competition. He won it. From this moment on, Sander became a proficient speaker at Microsoft and community events, worldwide. With over 35 speaking gigs per year, Sander is often seen on stage.

Since 2009, Sander has been continuously awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award by Microsoft.

After 15 years at OGD, Sander made the switch to Inovativ on June 1, 2015, but soon thereafter made the switch to SCCT in 2016, where he was named CTO.

At 42, Sander got his first book published: The Active Directory Cookbook, featuring both Active Directory on Windows Server 2019 and Azure Active Directory.

On the cutting edge of technology, is where Sander shines brightest!

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