Sharon Sanders

Jacksonville Florida

Education has been my life calling for over 25 years. Educating students is more than the ability to teach lesson plans; it's about having a heart and soul for the students and what you can do in each of their lives.

“It became quite apparent that Ms. Sanders was held in high esteem both by her colleagues and those of us who came to learn from her subject-related expertise. Her knowledge base was extraordinary and she conveyed a genuine interest in helping make us all better educators and school leaders.” - Ellen Rubens, Former Principal and Math Coach

“Ms. Sanders’ knowledge of what is best for kids is what makes her a great principal. Her ability to lead by example and support those around her is what makes her an inspiration.” - Mary Claire Hopkins, Five Year Teacher

“Personally I must tell you that Sharon Sanders totally changed my life by helping me see the need to get my Masters Degree in Reading. I would have NEVER gotten my Masters if it were not for Sharon. Now I have the option to work as an adjunct teacher at a college if I choose, and I can’t even begin to explain what that Masters in Reading has done to help my students year after year, all because of Sharon Sanders.” - Gail McKnight, Twenty Three Year Teacher

“In my years of working for Sharon, I was impressed with her professionalism and her love for the craft of teaching. Sharon held us all to high standards. She expected a lot from her teachers, but never more than she was willing to do herself. While working for Sharon, I found myself driven to be the best teacher I could be.” - Cheryl Albert, Special Education Teacher

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