Óskar J. Sandholt

Reykjavík, Iceland

A professional administrator with a long and diverse experience in the public and private sector. Good people skills and proven track record in managing big and small units. Extended experience in IT, culture, IT and FttH matters. Open minded, innovative, daring; with the ability to share responsibility and create value by activate the strength of each person in the group. Innovative and excellent leadership and communication skills. Extensive knowledge in working with multi-cultural and international companies. Solid knowledge of different cultures and practices.

For decades, English has been my second working language and I speak fluent Danish. I also have basic knowledge in German and French and am currently lerning Dutch. I’m a quick learner and have both through my work as well as on personal basis travelled all over the world. I have managed several international projects and done business in the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Ireland, Germany and France. I have spoken at various international conferences and as a former Chairman of I-NEC I communicated with people and companies from all over the world.

My spare time is divided between music, gadgets, culture and sports. Currently my sports are weightlifting, cycling and doing kettle bell classes. I find great pleasure in traveling both domestically as well as internationally. I’m a healthy person who thoroughly enjoys life.

  • Work
    • The City of Reykjavik
  • Education
    • Univercity of Iceland, Univercity of Reykjavik, IESE