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Water and oil do not mix. Neither does holiness and bitterness mix.

Before the fall of man: God was not all-knowing, invincible, or everywhere by spirit. There was no spirituality. There was work and new challenges everyday for Adam and Eve. It was paradise. God was merely a person in their eyes.

There was no good or evil. There was just paradise. God was not a Zeus or an Apollo.

By the sin of one man: death entered the world. Death passed to all men, for all have sinned. The foreknowledge of God being eternal and all-knowing became real.

It is the acknowledgement of God's mighty presence being everywhere that has made man cynical today. For paradise is not paradise knowing God is eternal.

So God had to rejuvenate a new plan.

God the son entered into creation as the source of salvation. Jesus Christ died and suffered a horrible death to reunite the family of God once again. The resurrection and forgiveness of Jesus Christ gives man a second chance to live forever.

Life or death. You choose.