Minnie Sandhu

Welcome to Hashtag Internet Marketing !!!

Here's where all the secrets are revealed =) Let's learn all about 'em.

My name is Minnie Sandhu and Im the author of Hashtag Internet Marketing. Other than sharing my experience and dreams with the world, Im a self taught Artist. I like to paint and design. Im passionate about interior designing and fashion styling.

And I'm a proud wife of a wonderful husband Amgd Hussein, who is my BFF and my biggest strength.


Yeuppp…its that easy!!!!! This is my MANTRA to make it big. And im not talking about BIG BUCKS (well yea that too :P and why not !!) I mean seriously there are tons informational products floating around the Web. Internet is full of blogs, vlogs, ebooks, seminars, webinars, and many GREAT PROMISES. But does all that really exist in reality? So I ask you, how much time and money have you all spent on finding a CLUE about this mystery world. How many nights did you spend surfing through the net. And how many times you jumped out of the bed thinking you might have found the magic wand but you actually didn’t.

Embarrass to admit??? Yea I thought so !! But guess what? Im happy to admit that I’ve been there and done that. AND THE RESULT… Im here, sharing the very daunting moments with you fellows and ready to let you know the very little secret that got me this far.

The world of entrepreneurship really fascinates me and i think it breaks all the barriers of traditional business. Through this blog, I want to share some very amazing tips and secrets that will change your life, just the way it did mine.

So, Lets get started !!!