Sandhya Srinivasan

Student in Troy, Michigan

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Hiya! I’m Sandhya Srinivasan. I’m a senior at Troy High School, born in Troy, Michigan. I received most of my education in New Delhi, India, where I got to meet so many incredible people from all over the world and from different walks of life. I consider myself to be a global student, with a love for many different countries. I love travelling and experiencing new and different cultures. I can often be found with my head stuck in a book (if you notice that the book cover has changed within a day, don’t be alarmed: somehow, I often find myself reading two books at once), frenetically churning out a story (before it writes itself out in my head), or engrossed in a TV show or movie (mainly British detective shows or Academy Award-type films). I can also be found drawing, (trying to get the perfect line or shape, erasing furiously if I make a mistake), or jamming out to music (Coldplay, U2, classic pop and rock, and much more). Did I also mention I’m a hardcore Anglophile?

I believe in saving the environment, being kind to one another, and being accepting of individuality. I love to express myself through my fashion style, artwork, and writing, and I believe everyone should be allowed to do the same. Like Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”