Sandi Alguire

Marketing Director, Pilates trainer, and Energy healer in Barrington, Illinois

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Sandi Alguire is a marketing director directing attention and focus, a certified EnergyTouch practictioner aligning and balancing energy fields, a pilates trainer and ballet barre teacher bringing strength and confidence to bodies, a yogi creating a bridge between mind and body and a former professional modern dancer who loves to move for the sheer joy of it. Sandi's passion is to lead others to feel at home in themselves. She teaches the language of the body, how to listen to the guidance of the heart and open to the internal knowing of the spirit. She also digs art, organic gardening, hiking, and a good belly laugh.

  • Work
    • Coldwell Banker, mBody Harmony
  • Education
    • BFA, Universty of Michigan, Ann Arbor