sandice thrasher

Athens, GA

My name is Sandice. I have been cruising through this life with Christian (the best boy in the land) for 14 years. We have a pitbull named Baby. At the farm, I have five goats named Eli, Ellie, Ellen, Misty, & Milly, eleven chickens - some have names like Aeon, Leghorn, Blackie, Pancha, Cuckoo, & Goldie. There are a few barn/ farm kitties that you may see me post on here as well - Spooks, Swirls, and Mini are the au naturale rodent control at the farm… This collection of photos and writings is dedicated to a life that revolves around farming, thrifting, creating, and the love of fashion & photography. Farming is something new for me in the last few years, but vintage fashion, photography, and thrifting have always been my favorite hobbies…. Good fashion and style is all about attitude. I have never had the money to indulge in all the latest and greatest trends (however I WILL spend up to $100 on a good pair of shoes!), but I never let that affect my love for fashion.