Sandie Acido

My Name is Sandie Pascua Acido. I was Born on May 24,1991. 21 Years of age.I formerly live at Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur. And I'm the youngest sister in the family. I finish my Degree last 2011 at Saint Columban College,Pagadian City. With the course of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Currently, Im working as Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Agent at First Page Web Search Outsourcing Company which is Located here in Pagadian City. And almost a year in service.Im a freelancer also... :)

How about aspects in my life...

Positive side is: having a practical approach to concrete problems.Down to earth.I'm loyal to my friends.

Negative side: I'm shy but sometimes I try to intimidate people so that they won't bother me.

During leisure time. I also draw and paint just to have fun and may developed also of what is being in me,my talent's that other's might not have.My passion of art began when I was a kid.I love 2 draw mostly cartoons,nature.

What inspires me is, even if i cant be found through out the universe. As long as I enjoyed and I'm free to create and draw freely upon my imagination heartfully.

And what makes me inspired the most is, without God I may not have all this. The reason of my existence. And my parents who teach me on how to be one of a kind.

This is the journey of my life on how it goes on......

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