San Diego Art

San Diego, California, United States

San Diego Art

San Diego, California, United States

HIS261 History of Modern Art & Design, Sections 1397 & 1266

Welcome to class!

Check your email for the address of the better URL for this class. has eliminated the useful aspects of its service. And, sadly, they are non-resposive to questions and requests.

If your class starts at 8:30, your section number is 1397.
If your class starts at 10:00, your section number is 1266.

Here is the Syllabus.


Download and read the Introduction to Janson's History of Art by Wednesday, June 13th. It's from the textbook for this class.

Assignments will be accepted in:
• Word or PDF format only,
• with images embedded in the file,
• sent by email, to Peter

The naming convention for submitting assignments is


This must be the file name, not the email subject or title.
(The paper itself must have your name, class & section, and assignment at the beginning.)

Be familiar with these proofreading marks; you'll see them on your papers.

Papers are acknowledged when received.