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San Diego Plumber Group Underscores importance of Periodic Plumbing Inspections

The San Diego Plumber and HVAC Association is encouraging households to keep their periodic plumbing inspections year after year. The SDPHA says the time and money invested in this yearly inspections are worth every dollar as it averts potential plumbing problems that can be disastrous to the whole household.

Third Party Service Ratings Website Angie’s List says annual plumbing maintenance inspections are essential since plumbing fixtures suffer wear and tear with every day use. In one of their web articles they emphasized how important these annual inspections are.

“Another reason for having plumbing maintenance done annually is that the consequences of failures in the water line or the sewer line can be immense. These are problems you want to avoid if at all possible, since they can cause damage to your home and the repair work is often extensive. Regular maintenance will catch small problems with either the water line or the sewer line on your property before they become large problems.”

Read their full article here.

So what should homeowners expect during an annual plumbing maintenance inspection?

The SDPHA says every plumbing fixture will be checked primarily those where water runs through. This means pipes that are inside and outside the home will be inspected for possible leakage and issues. Drains will be checked as well if they function well, and clogs will likewise be ruled out.

Tubs, water lines, and toilets will each be inspected if these are properly functioning. The water tank and flapper of each toilet will be inspected for possible leaks and concerns. Lavatories, showers and faucets will likewise be examined.

Apart from plumbing fixtures, the water heater will also be inspected. From the temperature of the water being emitted up to its operating mechanisms, water heaters will be thoroughly checked and maintained during the inspection session.

The physical condition of the bathroom and areas surrounding plumbing fixtures in the kitchen will also be thoroughly checked. Red flags would be a rocking toilet seat, gaps in shower doors, as well as cracks anywhere near plumbing systems. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association

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