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1. SET RENTAL RATES APPROPRIATELY - If you want your vacation house to rent, you have to be realistic, optomistic, but not selfish! Established reasonable rental rates for your home and make certain that the rates are appropriate to the site( s) your l... If you're going to invest money marketing your vacation rental property o-n vacation rental websites, you wish to make sure it's a success. Here are 6 things you can exercise that may help ensure you get the most 'bang for the money.' 1. ESTABLISHED RENTAL RATES ACCORDINGLY - If you want your vacation property to rent, you must be reasonable, optomistic, but not selfish! Set realistic rental rates for your premises and ensure that the rates are appropriate on the s) your list and regularly reviewed as the market changes. Seek out similar properties (~~'~ comps ~'~~) in-the sam-e spot as yours. Only demand a premium if your property has some distinct characteristics. And, be ready to discount your premises on occassion as needed. Within this company, if you lose money for a week-long rental, you can not make that up! 2. ALWAYS check E-MAIL REGULARLY - When using an internet vacation rental property website including or, remember your customers. They're typically Internet 'savvy' and probably check their e-mails frequently...especially if they have requested some information. Also, be sure your phone number is shown on websites that enable you to as often people choose to just call you immediately, so be sure to check phone messages. 3. ANSWER IMMEDIATELY - Vacation goers generally see a few properties that are of interest to them and then contact these owners. The faster you answer, the better chance (all the time) you have of winning them over. There have been times since it took 24-hours to a manager to answer and I have rented homes in the past, I'd already selected yet another house. If you have an opinion about food, you will certainly want to read about property management. A timely and effective response gives confidence to the tenant that the rental knowledge will follow suit. 4. YOUR LISTING SHOULD BE ACCURATE AND COMPLETE - Make certain that your record details are kept updated and are complete. Get extra resources on this affiliated portfolio by clicking management. Evaluation your online list often to be sure your contact information are up-to-date. Als