Sandie Salisbury

Mother, wife, and Creator in Kennewick, Washington

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My name is Sandie and I love people. I love talking and thinking and listening. I am married to the most amazingly talented, genius techy, handsome man – Alex. We have been blessed with four beautiful children. My home is in Washington state, not Seattle.. the opposite corner actually, In a city called Kennewick. It’s not small but it’s also not HUGE! My home church is AMAZING!!! The Garden Tri-Cities, is our family and where we live out some ministry dreams with wonderful people. I have been a self-employed photographer since 2006. And I am following a God given dream to write about who I am in Christ.

I share my life with you not to be entertaining, but to reach you on a level that you haven’t known before. My hope is that something I say will activate something within you and make you want to know Jesus! Not JUST like I know Him, but in JUST the WAY He wants you to know Him. Follow me here on twitter and facebook