Sandi Maki

Sandi Maki

This is Sandi’s favorite year ever. Okay, every year is her favorite year ever. Sandi shares a jump in with both feet commitment in everything that she does. Her willingness to jump, dive or parachute in has helped inspire the movement of mountains. This attention to intention has won her the hearts of the enthusiast community and some really cool day trips.

Sandi is the creative strategist at the InSights Group, helping people with Organic Marketing and Social Media initiatives. She is also brand and operations manager with Legendary Escapes and Ask the Pool Guy, changing the swimming pool industry nationwide.

After hours Sandi can be found spending time with her two favorite people, her daughter, an amazing and wonderful gift, and her delightful and inspiring son. Her favorite things include Toby Keith, Irish accents, tropical islands, smurfs, and chocolate and peanut butter used in combination.

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out and about 248-798-0239