Sandip Das

Sr. Full Stack JavaScript Developer, Cloud Architect, and Expert in Node.js , React.js, Angular.js, MongoDb in Kolkata, India

► I'm a driven, energetic and proactive tech professionally. I consider myself an engagement professional, as I don't simply provide solutions, I create them. I create an alternative to the norm with an unrivaled drive of positive attitude to accompany it. I'm a proud digital native, spending most of my life with technology. I strive in a team environment as well.◄

► The internet of Things is on the forefront of next-gen technologies and with my experience in JavaScript, Node.js and other applications i'm ready to deliver it. I am a continuous learner – always looking for new technologies, in my spare time I search Google for the latest trends. I like to think of myself as a futurist. ◄

►My passion became my profession, I think what separates me from other people in tech is my attitude. I'm social and positive, but I'm afraid of heights. Expect a lot out of except for mountain climbing. ◄

►►Skills ◄◄

✔ Web App Development (MEAN Stack Expert )
✔ Restful API Development
✔ Web Api / Websocket Api Development for IOS + Android + any IoT devices
✔ Strong Javascript & ES 5/6/7 practical knowledge (Babel , Webpack , Browserify)
✔ Angular.js , React.js ( Flux, Redux ), TypeScript
✔ Core Node.js and Express.js, Sails.js, more)
✔ Nw.js && Electron (windows , mac , Linux app development)
✔ Cylon.js (IoT , robotics)
✔ MongoDb , Redis , Elasticsearch
✔ IOS / Android Hybrid Mobile App Development (React native , Ionic)
✔ Web Sockets (Native - expert)
✔ Browser Automation (Selenium)
✔ Mocha (TDD), Istanbul (Code Coverage)
✔ Grunt, Gulp
✔ Github , Bitbucket
✔ Linux Server Administration (☁ AWS or any VPS), Docker
✔ Agile Process
✔ Scrum
✔ Rapid Prototyping
✔ Ability to learn and implement new techs
✔ Good Communicator
✔ Always Punctual
✔ Critical Thinker
✔ Friendly Personality

►►Currently Exploring ◄◄
Web Security, AI, ML, Big data, Blockchain (Concept & Programming, cryptocurrency), IoT, AR

►►Preferred Environment ◄◄
Git, Linux , Atom (with ESLint)