Sandip Roy

Medical Doctor and Positive Psychology Writer in New Delhi, India

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Medical Doctor, Positive Psychology Writer, Happiness Researcher.

Speaker on Happiness Science, for both corporate and general audience. Talks on how happiness can bring positive changes to the personal and professional success stories, through techniques researched by psychologists.

Founder of Happiness India Project, and Chief Editor of its popular blog, since 2014. Writes popular-science articles on topics from Positive Psychology and Happiness Science. The site features the most virally shared Positive Psychology Quotes blog-post ever on the internet as of this writing.

Happiness India Project is about teaching, coaching, and engaging people on Happiness. It attempts to bring together the time-honored, accumulated wisdom on human happiness and the contemporary, scientific data on positive psychology, and share the knowledge at all levels of society via social networks, blogs, lectures, and community workshops.

Medical doctor registered with MCI (Medical Council of India), practicing as general practitioner and family physician since 2000. Member of DMA (Delhi Medical Association) and DMC (Delhi Medical Council).

Chief Medical Director at RamaKrishna Healthcare, a co-founded multi-clinic that serves a semi-urban population in Delhi, since 2001 on to date.

Content Development Manager at Elsevier Clinical Specialties for a brief period in 2007. Worked on the initial phase of the ECAB (Elsevier Clinical Assessment Board) pilot project.

Cognitive hypnotherapist. Occasional workshop on self-hypnosis and hypnosis as therapy.

Practice contemplation and mindfulness in leisure time. Play chess.

Personal motto: "Let's bring more meaning into our lives."

Publication: The chapter Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy in the textbook Selected Topics in Obstetrics and Gynaecology For Postgraduates and Practitioners, 2009.

Sandip Roy works and lives in Delhi, India.

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    • Happiness India Project
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    • MBBS, NRS Medical College & Hospital. Calcutta, India