Sandira Calviac

United States

Born out of a family of hippy psychics, Sandira's dream was to wear a suit and work in a big tower... So she started her first company in London (UK) at the age of 16, providing Search Engine Optimization to British clients such as web agencies and SCOTLAND YARD.

The opportunity to work at what is now known as EBAY France led her to Paris (her native city). After turning 19, she helped build the e-marketing business unit for a leading interactive agency, followed by successfully monetizing 01NET, one of the largest publishing portal @ VIVENDI UNIVERSAL.

A chance encounter with Sergey Brin (GOOGLE's co-founder) inspired her to move to the US.

6 months later, she arrived in New York City... That was 12 1/2 years ago.

Up until last year, Sandira was spearheading partnerships for Open Garden (publisher of FIRECHAT the mobile mesh networking based messaging app that powered the Hong Kong protests) in San Francisco, CA.

Currently, she is the CEO & cofounder of VOXON, the maker of the Voxiebox, the leading volumetric display , which enables anyone to view & interact with 3D 360° holograms, from any angle and without the need for any goggles nor headgear. With a sister called Leïa (again, hippy parents), Sandira feels predestined for this (ad)venture.

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