Sand One

Los Angeles California

If there is a word for perseverance in the world of street inspired art, “Sand-One” is an example! Hailing from the underbelly of East Los Angeles California (commonly referred to as ‘East LA’). The pint-sized twenty-one year old Latina artist is making a serious name for herself, her art, and the communities she is inspiring. The world is watching!

She is one of the rawest emerging female artist from the explosive epicenter of the street art phenomenon. Empowering women, and todays youth by creating inspiring works that speak to the culture, identity and love she has experienced throughout her journey. Sand One's art comes with a valuable meaning for women everywhere. Behind the larger than life cartoons she paints is a mere representation of all the independent, educated and strong minded Los Angeles women she grew up watching all around her. “We are in the search of a brighter future, by breaking down stereotypes we find in these rough streets , my mission is to inspire others to rise and seek after their dreams as I am doing through my art”, she states emphatically when discussing her art. “Sand Chickz represent everything woman are, as well as wants to become!”

Sand One’s signature mob of luscious pink lipped, buxom female cartoon characters, specially known for their signature enormous eyelashes, and sassy smiles. Have absolutely taken the streets and galleries by storm. Her forty foot tall, Larger than life 'Sand Chikz" began to emerge in 2010 throughout Los Angeles and has since created these inspiring pieces all over the US and Latin America.

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