Sandor Helderman

Sandor Helderman was a bright open minded kid, who wanted to try anything and everything he could get his hands on. He loved to play sports and just explore life as a kid with a wildly vivid imagination. He began drawing at the early age of 7. He was called into the principal’s office because his picture of a dragon had too much blood on it. Art was a large part of his life until he reached high school where he became an athlete. Excelled in football and track, he continued with sports up through college where he graduated at West Valley Community College. While he was attending college he did his first short film in the act of helping a friend who was pursuing a profession of VFX (Special Effects). After the short film, Sandor had been bitten by the acting bug, and since then he’s picked up music videos, and other shorts by local bay area directors and film artist. Sandor is enthusiastic about life and making friends where ever his travels take him. “I want to be rich and famous: rich: to give back to my family, friends, and my community. Famous: so that I can encourage kids to eat healthier, be active and stay in school."