Teacher Mariel Sandoval

Puebla, Mexico

There isn't much to tell. I'm a person of simple likings. I enjoy my work, my students are my engine to be better.

I love rainy days, specially when I can sit by a window to read or just watch the waterdrops fall. I also like finding quiet places where I can simply stare at God's creations, specially the sunset, while I go over things on my mind.

Sometimes, I just write down my own reflections and they even come out as short verses or something deep.

Theater is another one of my passions. I love being on character but I also enjoy being backstage directing.

I guess I don't like troubling myself or just going with the flow. I like going my own way wherever my steps may lead me.

  • Work
    • Colegio Cultural
  • Education
    • Lic. Lenguas Modernas