Sandra Alvarado

I'm a daughter and a sister. I'm also a Latina woman who's a community builder, who's global-business-minded, and who's a lover of anything to do with salsa music (surprise!).

I love helping people, I think it's in my genes. I spent 15+ years helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profits drive product/program, process and organizational improvements.

I helped a lot of companies, I had enthusiastic clients. I turned it into my own business management consulting firm... until the economic downturn took it down.

But I'm constantly in search of the new. Went back to school for an MBA to polish my business skills. Got to visit China. Really glad I got the wanting-to-do-business-in-Asia bug out of my system—it's just not my thing.

So I'm starting the next journey. I'm ready to help again, and this time it's got to be with cool entrepreneurial minded people/organizations who want to (actually) change the world!