Sandra G

Teacher in Reykjavík, Iceland

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I’m an Icelandic kindergarten teacher who’s interested in health, fitness and healthy nutritious food.

I have not studied nutrition or anything similar at school so this blog is more about sharing healthy recipes and clever ideas I find all over the Internet. Some of the recipes are original and then I’ll post a direct link to the site I found it on. But some are mine or my mom’s or recipes I’ve altered quite a bit to make them healthy.

I have fibro myalgia so in order to keep the symptoms down it’s necessary to eat healthy food, exercise and stay away from sugar and flour. I’m far from perfect so I tend to binge on those things every once in a while, but I’m trying to create new habits so those binges will eventually stop.

My mom runs a vegeterian, vegan and raw food café and a guesthouse in the Icelandic countryside, check it out at

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