Sandra Johnson

Counselor, Mother, and Small Business Owner in Louisiana

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Hi I'm Sandra, owner, operator, and lead counselor at the Northshore Center for Wellness, LLC in Tangipahoa Parish.

As an entrepreneur, it is my goal to continually expand and grow. I want to take counseling to the next level.

I'm all about helping people grow and evolve. As we move into the age of technology, I want to keep up, and find new and exciting ways to merge all things together.

Let's talk wellness! Being totally well. it's all about getting to our best selves mentally and emotionally. Getting healthy, being healthy, and staying healthy is what it's all about..

A part of being emotionally healthy is creating happiness. One of the ways I do this for myself is by enjoying my family and friends. I like to sing and laugh. You know laughter is good for the soul they say!

I also love learning. I believe that it is a life long endeavor. The more you know, the more you'll grow! I want to keep growing and helping others do the same.

  • Work
    • Northshore Center for Wellness
  • Education
    • Southeastern Louisiana University