Sandra Mumanachit


A driven and curious life-long learner, I hope to make impacts on the intersection of children's health/well-being, and life science/medicine. My previous opportunity allowed me to work alongside clinicians while employing quality improvement methodologies to improve asthma compliance in the pediatric population.

I am looking to gain as many experiences as possible through work, mentorship, and conversations, to ultimately make positive impacts in pediatric healthcare around the world. I hope to help bring new therapies, preventatives, and devices to fill the unmet needs in pediatrics in an efficient, effective, and sustainable way. I believe great ideas and endeavors come from combining multiple disciplines and talents, thus I am committed to attain capabilities and skills within and outside of healthcare.

Thus far, I have had the privilege of being a part of many teams in academic, athletic and professional settings that have proven successful outcomes through commitment. I have also had a number of inspiring and supportive peers and mentors. Through, various activities and travel I have been exposed to many thoughts and cultures. Altogether, I will draw upon these experiences and exposures to be a fully dedicated, insightful and open-minded team player in my pursuits.

  • Work
    • Healthcare Consulting
  • Education
    • Harvard College