Sandra Nambasa

Sandra Nambasa is a Powerchange Coach based in West London.

Based in West London? Let's meet for a chat. Further afield? Let's talk.

Whatever you're looking for, I'm always happy to meet you and discuss your requirements. Just get in touch to arrange a meeting and find out how I can help you today. If you're based further afield, don't worry. Simply drop me an email and we can arrange a call or a Skype chat.
I am a highly effective Powerchange coach.
Throughout my coaching career many people have found great encouragement, comfort, motivation, increased productivity and courage to tackle seemingly difficult tasks.
You too can!
Whatever you may be dealing with right now, be it stress, a relationship, self-esteem, fear of failure, disappointment, bullying, eating disorders, phobias, self-worth, self-image, weight loss, lack of purpose, sense of hopelessness, rejection, bereavement and loss, emotional pain, insomnia, rejection, business, parenting . . . I can coach you so that you will change your thinking – and discover solutions to achieve your desired outcome.
Each appointment will subtly change your thinking and you will begin to notice how much better you feel.
What I do.
I regularly Coach
- business executives who want to increase motivation so as to increase productivity
- musicians who wanted to find a solution to managing stress so as to transform their performance
- people whose lives have been affected by phobias
- Young people
I have coached young people in Haling Manor High School, Croydon (now Harris Academy) helping them address three key areas of confidence: personal worth; opportunities and hope. One of the benefits was a dramatic improvement in the young people’s grades at the end of the year.

I can help you with
• Stress management
• Self worth and Confidence
• Discovering what you want and helping you get there
• Change management
• Leadership development