Sandra Orr

Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur in Perth, Australia

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Hello, I'm Sandra and I am a small business owner currently living in Perth, Australia. My interests range from entrepreneurship to movies to genealogy. I am also interested in food, coffee and cooking, family and friends.

I have a couple of small businesses, which keep me busy and are very rewarding to do.

'Healthy Now Living', is my online Health & Wellness shop. If your Health is important to you, then this is the place to go. You can click the button above to visit my shop website. Email:

'ORR VA/PA Services', stands for O - Organised, R - Reliable, R - Results. Never enough hours in the day, your busy at work, a FIFO worker, a busy mum or a small business owner, that needs additional help, then this is where ORR VA/PA Services can assist you. My new Webpage is currently in progress, please contact by email. Email:

My hobby which has turned into my other small business is genealogy. At Sandra's Genealogy Services - Tracing Your Family Tree, I can give you an insight into your Ancestors like where they lived, how many children they had, cause of death and more, as well as put you in touch with distant cousins, which is exciting as you can then share family stories and find out more about your Family and Ancestors. Email:

If you feel like I can assist your or someone you know, please get in touch with me or feel free to say hello via any of the social links below or direct via any of the emails above.

"Live Life to the fullest, Laugh and Love with all your heart."


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