Sandra Otto

Learning and Engagement Consultant in Waiheke Island, New Zealand

I draw on 25-years of international career that covers diverse industries from IT to Art, and diverse roles from product manager, IT trainer and consultant in large corporations to small business/social enterprise coach and yoga teacher. I lived, studied and worked in New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, South Africa, and facilitated learning and growth in many more countries around the globe. I now live in New Zealand.

Grounded in the holistic experience of my own life, I run a conscious business successfully blending business transformation and learning with inspirational concepts and experiences enabling teh Future of Work. Topics include Business for Positive Impact; Inspiring with Purpose; Future of Work Culture; Engagement & Wellbeing; Interpersonal & Leadership Skills; Leadership and Skills; Design Thinking, Creativity & Innovation; Consciousness, Ethics & Spirituality; Integral Theory; (Pragmatic) Marketing & Product Management as well as innovative training programs targeting IT/Agile/SAP people.

The vision that inspires me is one of a new generation of conscious organisations where 1. people are inspired to grow into their full potential, 2. thus fuel organisational greatness and sustainable success and 3. uplift the local and global community through positive impact.

In addition I facilitate yoga and spiritual practices, love being outdoors, reading and listening to baroque music.