sandra rivera

Student and Musician in Colombia

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Greetings, I’m sandra. I’m a student living in Colombia. I am a fan of fitness, movies, and arts. I’m also interested in surfing and music.

What has happened so far in my life?

I have grown and fortunately I have been able to have and share time with my family besides this my parents have helped me and supported in the goals that I propose

Have I fulfilled my goals?

If I have fulfilled the goals that I propose, some not because sometimes by the way there is or obstacles.

What did I lack to get what I wanted?

So far I have had everything I have wanted I have been helped and supported, however something serious would be positive not giving up so easy.


1. What judgment have you made of yourself?

That I am sentimental, I am disorderly, I like the study.

2. What judgments have they made of me?

I like the studio, tomorrow would be a great professional I have good charisma, I'm a perfectionist in some things, I'm a little crazy and bad tempered.

3 What does it resemble or contradict?

Are resembled in the study, in the good charisma in the perfectionist and bad tempered, is contradicted in loco


1. What judgments made by you or others have you lived as affirmations?

Study and being a perfectionist are the biggest affirmations

2. What statements of yourself work to achieve your goals?

The study is my biggest goal and I know that it will help me to reach my goals