Sandra Santiago

Counsellor in Brentford, United Kingdom

I am a Counsellor currently working in Hammersmith and Brentford, London.

I will start working in Central London soon, I shall keep you posted with the location when it's ready.

I am BACP accredited counsellor and have four years of experience in counselling working in an agency through NHS.

My interests range from Counselling to Psychotherapy. I am also interested in Psychology, Mindfulness, and Person-centred approach.

I have always been passionate about finding happiness, mine and others' happiness. Why are we happy and why are we not, what's bothering me or you, what's in the way to feeling content, in peace and feeling at ease with ourselves and others, personally and professionally.

How I got here, how have I become this counsellor that's hoping to help you. I started my professional life in Business, I finished my masters degree in Business administration and worked in international companies for more than fifteen years. Counselling was always there, with me, under the radar; always interested and reading anything that I got my hands on about psychology.

Until one day it was me that hit some wall, I wasn't happy. I had reached a great status in the administration hierarchy, I was confident I had it all, but what was wrong with me that I couldn't feel happy? Days started to darken...

I had no option, I was losing my sleep, had no appetite, something was holding my spirit back, and I went to my GP who send me to counselling... that was it! I wanted to be like my counsellor, I had to change my path, and that's how I started studying Psychotherapy.

I'm five years into my training, I have graduated to Counsellor and now I'm continuing my path to get to be a psychotherapist very soon.

So far I'm ready to see clients and for this, if you feel not happy, if there's anything bothering you, professionally, personally, romantically... please do not hesitate contacting me, I can help you.

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  • Education
    • Foundation Certificate in Counselling
    • Diploma in Counselling
    • Certificate in Counselling for Depression
    • Certificate in Person-centred Group Theory