Sandra Lewis

Dallas, TX

Sandra Lewis is the founder of Life At The Table and a chef, writer, and public speaker who passionately believes that the shared dining experience at home is a powerful human ritual mostly overlooked, downplayed, and misunderstood in today’s culture.

Just like acquiescing to a diet of a fast, cheap, and convenient food brings with it a host of physical ills, Sandra believes that the foregoing of regularly shared meals around the home dining table plagues our culture with feelings of loneliness, disconnectedness, and a lack of purpose.

The heart of Sandra’s passion is in teaching others of the beauty, art, skill, and importance of gathering, connecting, and communing at the table. Her message is one of inspiration as well as practical application - how to defy the gravitational pull of the fast life.

Her expertise includes 20+ years as a single, working mom with a career in corporate America who made the evening meal the prime focus of her family life, and since August 2010, as a classically-trained chef.

Following her passion for all things culinary, in 2009 Sandra sold her house, tucked all her belongings away in a storage unit, and rented a room about 10 minutes from culinary school.

Fifteen months later she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Dallas with highest honors and gave the commencement speech at graduation having graduated at the top of her class.

With an emphasis on fresh, seasonal, and local food, Sandra instructs the home cook to prepare and serve palate-pleasing meals using everyday ingredients and smart cooking techniques; how to cook economically and reduce kitchen waste.

Above all, Sandra believes that the table experience redemptive, restorative, and transformative. These principle thoughts are woven into every aspect of the work of Life At The Table.