Sandra Addo

Lubbock, Texas

Sandra Addo is a driven, charismatic student constantly on the search for higher productivity in everything she does. Her expected date of graduation is the Spring of 2017, and she currently in her second year of study at the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. She, along with the help of her colleagues, helped to secure the Texas Tech student section as the "best in the big 12", according to in the Fall of 2013. Along with her internship with the University Athletic department, Sandra works for the Trio Upward Bound program at Texas Tech, helping to provide college opportunities and resources to students who would otherwise not have that opportunity. Her passion is to serve to the best of her abilities, and with a mixture of realism and the heart of a dreamer, she believes she is a great personality in almost every situation.

  • Work
    • Upward Bound Foundation
  • Education
    • Texas Tech University