Sandra Baeta

Student in Barcelona, España

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Hi, How are you?

I’m Sandra. I'm a fifteen-year-old passionate young girl that lives in Barcelona.

Actually, I'm studying in Virolai School and I'm very proud of it. Here, in the school, I have made some friends that I will remember all my life and I have learned things that I won't remember. But the most important thing, is that in here, I have grown up to become the person who I'm today.

The person who always tries to be happy, the person who loves reading, who loves sport (specially running), who loves music, dancing and playing, the person who absolutely loves traveling...

Traveling, wow, I think that's one of the things that I could spend all my life doing. I love meeting new places, new cultures, new traditions, new essences...

For example, this summer I went to New York. NY is known as the city that never sleeps, and this isn't a joke. At night, all the stores are open and the people are out her/his homes walking in the streets of this cosmopolitan city.

However, the most impressive thing are all the big iluminated skyscrapers.

So, I highly recommend you going to NY because I think that you have to visit this amazing city at least once a life.

But leaving aside the hobbies and the things that I do in my free time, I also have obligations, and the school is the most important of them.

In the school my favourite subjects are History and English. Currently, I'm studying the First Certificate of English, and If all goes like I want, this summer I will do the exam.

I also like Biology, but I think that is very complicated, so my biology goals for this year are trying to follow & understand all the class and have the concepts clear, so hopefully this way will make easier to study this subject. And also enjoy what I'm studying because I think that this year enter contents very interesting and this will help me to study and understant the lessons.

So, this is me!!!