Sandra Calvi

Dr. Sandra Calvi has advanced reading skills in all grade levels of New York’s schools through various positions educating students and training other professionals. Specializing in reading early in her career, Dr. Sandra Calvi has helped numerous educators and students achieve higher reading performance levels. Graduating with a double major in education and English from Manhattan College, Dr. Sandra Calvi obtained a Master of Science in reading from Fordham University, where she also earned her Doctorate in educational policy and administration. As a tenured Reading Specialist for New York middle and high schools, Dr. Sandra Calvi trained colleagues and instructed students falling below reading grade levels. At Spring Valley High School, Dr. Sandra Calvi implemented various aspects of the school’s reading and English instruction curriculum, playing an instrumental role in helping the student body achieve a 98% percent Regents passing rate. Dr. Sandra Calvi taught numerous graduate-level courses in reading both as Adjunct Professor at Touro College, Long Island University’s Reading Department of the Graduate School of Education, and as Associate Professor in the Department of Literacy at the College of New Rochelle’s Graduate School of Education. Dr. Sandra Calvi enabled other educators to cultivate essential reading instruction skills through courses such as “Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disabilities,” “Language Development and Reading,” and “Content Area Reading Strategies.” As Assistant Principal of Alexander Hamilton Junior/Senior High School and Director of Research and Student Development for the Elmsford Union Free School District, Dr. Sandra Calvi oversaw faculty and curriculum. Focusing on English Language Learner (ELL) students, Dr. Sandra Calvi has obtained grant monies and developed programs to improve literacy skills for students who approach English as a nonnative language.