Sandra Cartón

Student in Valladolid, España

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Hi, I’m Sandra. I’m a student living in Valladolid, España. The studies that I have carried out are the English studies career and now I’m currently doing the master of secondary school teacher.

I am a fan of music, reading, and movies. One of the things that I would not change for anything in the world is going to concerts with my cousin since for us it is like a tradition.

I’m also interested in education and cooking. Now, I am 22 years old but since I was 18 I moved to be able to do my studies and therefore, I had to learn to cook. That's when my interest for cooking began, although this interest also comes to me because my brother, five years older than me, who is a chef.

Another aspect that I love doing is travelling with my friends despite the fact that we do not travel a lot because of our studies, but we enjoy a lot planning the things we are going to do every weekend.