Sandra Collins

My name is Sandra Collins. I'm located in the U.S.A. As a profession I have worked as a marketing manager for many years, but for even longer than that, I have created art as a hobby. In recent years I have pursued two mediums nearly entirely. The first is lettering art ("calligraphy," as it is commonly called), and the second is the xieyi method of Chinese brush painting. My blog, "Assembly Required: A Creative Process," will primarily feature lettering projects because the creative process to produce them requires multiple steps in the conception, design, and execution phases. I was the featured calligrapher in an issue of "Somerset Studio" magazine, published by Stampington & Company and distributed internationally. The feature specifically highlighted an "exemplar," which is an artist's rendition of the alphabet for a particular calligraphic style. My blog's logo includes a snippet of the artwork in this exemplar.