Sandra Duerr

I was born and spent the early part of my life in Elvaton Acres/Severna Park, Maryland. We rode horses, sleds in winter and go-carts at the neighbor's house in the summer. We camped in tents, pop-ups and trailers pulled behind my dad's truck. We were in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts as we grew up. We moved to Winter Haven, Florida July 4th, 1972 where it rained everyday at 5 pm. I was a JROTC Cadet at Winter Haven High School, the first female to graduate after being in the program for 3 years. I graduated in 1976 and was proud to be in that class of graduates. I had wonderful freinds and family who encouraged me in all I accomplished. I had Sean at age 20 who went everywhere with me. I met and married Dennis Duerr in 1982 and gave birth to Christina shortly after. I spent many years in the medical field and finally in 1999 graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida Technical College with an Associate of Science Degree in Medical Administration. I was a Brownie Troop Leader at age 18 and then after I became a Christian I was a Missionette leader. I helped to start an Explorer Post at Winter Haven High's JROTC group. It was a great experience. I studied the Bible and made the decision to join the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I have been an Adventurer Director for 16 years and then moved to our sister church to become the Pathfinder Director for 2 years. I love to camp, I mean tent in the woods, with the barest of essentials. I passed this love to both children and grandchildren and they go with me whenever they can. My son and my oldest grandchild go with me all the time. I am widowed, unemployed and studying whatever I can find that will make me a better prospective employee. I love God and Jesus and serve them in my life. I want my youth at the church to see Jesus in me.