Sandra Espinoza

Sandra Espinoza

SANDRA ESPINOZA is a designing sewist, teacher, sewing blogger, and sewing-based business owner.

Her sewing products are created for novices and enthusiasts, incorporating detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations. She has sewn for over 30 years, leading private, individual and group sewing instruction for kids as well as adults.

In 2010, she moved away from her position as a professor of architecture and launched a drapery and soft furnishings company in North Texas. She operates it while also sharing her sewing knowledge through teaching.

Her sewing work history includes design, prototyping, and fabrication of custom clothing and small eco-friendly fashion accessories.

In her sewing blog, Ethel & I - Adventures at Seam, she shares many aspects of sewing, especially with her trusty industrial single needle lockstitch machine - the blog's namesake - "Ethel".

Because of her ability to intently visualize and create to exacting specifications - paired with her high standard of performance & method in every facet of teaching, sewing and design - her work is regarded as polished and refined.